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Welcome to the reports page where you will find our most up-to-date information. Reports are organised by topic, with the most recent at the top of the list. Simply click on the report title to see the report content and purpose.

Q. "How do I access CIPHA reports?"

A. You can contact us to apply for access to these reports.


The use case matrix is a dashboard of all of the use cases collated by the twelve partner ICS organisations involved in the CIPHA Expansion programme. It identifies the data sets required, M is mandatory, O is optional. if you would like a full extract of the matrix please follow the link to the CIPHA workspace on the Future NHS website and you will find the matrix in the use case working group folder.

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CIPHA use case matrix report

Uses nationally published COVID data sources to provide a summary of COVID cases and deaths by local authority over time.

COVID National & Local Sitrep (Cases and Mortality)

Gives information on:
The number of new COVID admissions each day
The total number of beds occupied by COVID patients (overall, and in HDU/ITU
The number of daily new inpatient COVID diagnoses
The number of COVID patients discharged daily

COVID Hospital Admissions Report

This report is a tool designed to allow the user to view the epidemiological information about the status of the population of England during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users can view information on incidence, mortality and case fatality, subsey by case status. and also drill down to geographical level

COVID Epidemiology

A Report that enabled acute providers to search for an individual patient who has been admitted to hospital and look up their community COVID test result

COVID Test Results on Admission

A report that shows the current demand for Out of Hospital Services including activity, case loads, bed occupancy and waits as related to intermediate care, community care and social care

COVID Out of Hospital Capacity & Demand Tracker

A report that shows vaccination rates broken down by all key geographies including Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and Primary Care Networks . Also showing rates by key demographics such as age, sex, deprivation, Long Term Condition and vaccination (JVCI) cohort

COVID NIMS Vaccination Report

This sitrep report provides an overview of Pillar 2 COVID-19 testing of Liverpool residents (at and Pillar 2 testing facility in the country) as well as Pillar 2 testing of non-Liverpool citizens in Liverpool test centres. The aim is to provide up to date reporting on test counts, positive cases and the positivity rate of LFT and PCR tests.

COVID SMART Testing Report

A patient level report that allows identification of vulnerable populations via a set of criteria including demographics, health status such as long term conditions, high risk to COVID and other risk algorithms. Available in identifiable form to those with a legitimate direct care relationship

Enhanced Case Finder

A report that shows flu vaccination uptake by different geographies across the C&M system and also by flu cohort and stratified for various characteristics

NIMS Flu Vaccination Report

This report uses the University of Manchester hospital capacity model to predict acute and ICU bed capacity. These predictions are mapped against existing data from actual bed occupancy up to the current day.
COVID In Hospital Demand Prediction Tool

COVID Tracker Report

COVID Monitoring and Tracking Report

Hospital Prediction Tool (Manchester Model)

A Report that shows for various clinical outcomes potentially affected by COVID the trend, comparative rates, epidemiology breakdown e.g. ethnicity, deprivation, age, sex etc

Clinical Outcomes Radar Report

Oximetry at Home

Data Mart Access

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